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March 2019

This is another bumper edition with many interesting and inspiring contributions. As well as our regular contributions you can read about a new weekly Henham Coffee Morning, forthcoming events at Daisy May’s Farm and Hatfield Forest and The Glorious Goodwood experience. For those of you who are of an artistic inclination, you maybe interested to learn more about Thaxted Potters, or Carol Eaton’s article may inspire you to look out wedding photos for her Henham Archive Book.
 In this age of social media it is heartening to know that people are still taking the trouble to share their expertise, interests and news through a traditional channel i.e. The Dragon Magazine.
If you are interested in how the Dragon team operate, we will be holding our AGM on Tuesday 9th April, at 7pm in OSCA. Everyone is most welcome to join us. 
Carol Elson

Hall Bookings
Church Hall Isobel Brooks 850354
OSCA Jill Smales 850541
Village Hall Pauline Foster 850610
HUSCH Jane Smith 850016